@ll about Schipperke- The Danish page about Schipperke


I am a Schipperke
May I present myself like fellow:

  • I am Belgian, little, strong, loyal intelligent and brave.
  • I need no special treatment and have small appetite.
  • I am the perfect friend to children.
  • I am the smallest sheepdog in the world.
  • My character is the same like my big "brothers", the Belgian sheepdogs.
  • I am kindly to my family but reserved and defending against strangers.
  • My master's territory is sacred.
  • My ancestors lived yet in the 14th century and I am bred through in a leisurely pace.
  • I have been a pedigree dog in KKUSH and FCI since 1883
  • My pet names in Bryssel are "SPITSKE" and "KETJE".